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Life quotes

Life Quotes: Learn the Meaning of Life

Life can be dull and boring and it can be exciting and interesting also. Life remains a mystery for most of us despite so much knowledge available to us in the form of books and articles. No matter how you look at life, it appears to be easier and interesting when you read life quotes left behind by great minds of philosophers, scientists, and leaders.

‘Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of idea that life is serious’. If you read this quote or speak it aloud, you will feel as if you are disclosing a mighty secret of the world whereas you are merely stating the fact that it is not worth taking life seriously. After reading this quote, it dawned on me that I was a fool to take my failure so seriously. I now wonder that it is futile to keep pondering about one’s past mistakes and failures as life always gives you another chance. Life is about living the moment in all its glory and not wasting time about whatever took place in the past.

The reality of life is beautifully explained in a witty manner by another quote. It goes like this.

‘Do not take life seriously as nobody gets out alive’.


This was a quote written behind a bus. As soon as I read this quote, I memorized it to write it on a wall in my bedroom. The message behind this quote is clear. Life is not worth taking seriously as in the end, every one of us has to die and give up our life. If you remain serious all the time, don’t you feel you are missing out on beautiful, fun filled moments in your life?

There are thousands of life quotes like these to learn about life and its mysteries.