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Realizing the True Meaning of Life Quotes

If you are full of despair after losing a game to your arch rival or after failing in an academic competitive examination, you start to feel better when you read a life quote which talks about failures in life in a witty and humorous manner. One of the life quotes that I found to be very funny and carrying a very deep meaning is as follows.

‘My life has been filled with terrible misfortune; most of which never happened’. If you think about it, there are millions and millions of men and women who will easily relate with this life quote. It is really funny how a vast majority of men and women keep dwelling in their pasts or continue to worry about their future. These people remain tensed and full of anxiety all the time and they are never able to enjoy the beauty of life.

I would have been living a much better life if this or that had not happened in the past. This is the refrain of millions of individuals who hold events in their past life responsible for what and where they are at present. Similarly, there are great numbers of people who live in a fantasy world and ruin their present by worrying about their future all the time. Thinking about future that you are not sure of and worrying about whatever happened in the past is nothing but sheer waste of time.


You cannot cry over spilt milk long after the event. What ever happened in the past is a thing of past and it does not and should not have any bearing upon your present and future. Similarly, you can only miss out on the fun and enjoyment today if you keep worrying about your future.

There are many life quotes that teach you’re the real meaning of life in simple terms.